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-- 3D Opto-mechanical CAD solution

Assembly is a plug-in software package for Solidworks, enabling 3D opto-mechanical CAD under one software window. 

Integration of optics and mechanics will benefit the CAD process profoundly. It will enable an engineer to perform two tasks under one software environment --- saving the company on multiple softwares and different engineers who could operate these different softwares, improving the communication between optical and mechanical design and enable integrated design with reduced chances of mistake.

The concept of software add-ons is not new ---every software operating under Windows is an add-on to Windows. Solidworks is becoming the de facto "Windows" in 3D CAD software for general mechanical design. Assembly is designed to provide an integrated optical and mechanical CAD environment, where the user could smoothly "assemle" light propogation within the same 3D CAD window. The powerful visualization of optics and mechanical parts provided by Solidworks greatly benefit the design process. 

  • Database of 10,000 standard optics parts
  • Easy visualized design of customer parts
  • Integrated assignment of surface and body properties, e.g. material, reflection, transmission
  • Low cost for only $188


Download a demo movie, or a demo.


  • Optimization process in opto-mechanical design
  • Chromatic raytracing
  • Polarization optics, birefregence


Future features:


  • Interface with Cosmo/Works to analyze optical ray-tracing under changing conditions
  • Waveguide/Free space interface