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Palm-size tripler, TP-2000B

--Highest conversion efficiency from 1064nm to 300nm!

 Experiments have proven that type II OPO with certain cavity design could generate OPO output with consistently narrow bandwidth from the blue to the red limit. It was also found that the divergence of such OPO output is optimal for further frequency conversions.

Based on such OPO cavity designs, new systems by scientists at NASA are now able to achieve record high conversion efficiency from 1064nm to 299nm (38mJ from 525mJ of 1064nm). Appeared in the October's issue of PhotonicsSpectra, scientists from NASA use such lasers to study ozone through Differential Absorption Laser (DIAL) spectrascopy. 
Up to 160mJ around 320nm is generated from SFG of a type II BBO OPO that was pumped by 532nm were also demonstrated!
Based on these technologies, with further refined designs, U-Oplaz Technologies, Inc. has designed fully computerized system that could generate such high power and efficiencies. Please contact us for more information.