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Off-the-shelf Cavity Enhanced Optics and Electronics


Photop Technology now offer a series of high quality optics and electronics for cavity enhanced experiments,e.g. cavity ring-downspectroscopy (CRDS), integrated-cavity-outputspectroscopy(ICOS). 

Here, we supply parts such as high finesee mirrors with low scattering loss, high gain TIA detectors, function generator electronics that are used in wavelength scanning and ramping, and wavelength locking systems for stablizing wavelength of DFB lasers.

Most items are available from stock and ready to ship to you nextday.


Below you will find the list of our stock ultrafast optics and crystals, and the specsheet and prices are available online or from our sales.

Part# Description �Price�

High reflectivity, low loss, cavity mirror

  • R>99.98% from 1450nm ~ 1650nm on the curvature side, loss <100ppm
  • AR (R<0.25%) on the flat side 
  • 1" diameter, 6mm thick, 5 meter radius of curvature

Superpolished to <1 Armstrong rms microroughness. Ion-assisted sputtering coating. Typical ring down time is 20 microseconds with a cavity length of 2 feet (70cm).


Long working distance fiber collimator

Working distance is 50cm, beam size is 2mm diameter at 50cm and 3mm at 1meter, coupling efficiency, loss is <1dB, fiber is pigtailed, call for custom connection


Customized fiber coupler subassemblies

Order your customized fiber coupler subassemblies, with any splitting ratios, connectors and collimators.

call for price

Fiber tap (99/1) splitter and PD monitor (50/50)

  • Split input power into 99/1 ratio, 1% for reference monitoring, and 99% for cavity experiment (FC/APC connectors)
  • extra 50/50 splitter split remaining 1% power into 0.5% for PD monitoring (PD included) and 0.5% for refernce channel (collimator with 300mm working distance) 

CWDM filter that effectively remove out of band background noise from DFB or ECDL lasers. Size: 1.8mmx1.8mmx1mm, please specify wavelength 1540nm~1610nm with 10nm increment. PCWDM-xxxx (xxxx is 4 digits wavelength) 


Double stage isolator in the telecom band from 1530nm to 1640nm

please specify C-band or L-band and connector type

$ 188.00
PCIR-L/C-FC/APC Circulator in the telecom band from 1530nm to 1640nm, please specify C-band or L-band and connector type  $ 488.00

AR/AR 1500~1650nm+632nm coated window, fused silica

41.28mm diameter, 1.91mm thick


Fiber inline Etalon 

for monitoring wavelength shift, 1500~1650nm, please call for detailed F and FSR



Small package: POMONA Electronic box, low noise, high gain--- 

Ideal for ICOS! 

Model Gain RMS noise -3dB Bandwidth  
NUPICO-109 10^9 1.5mV 8kHz   
NUPICO-108 10^8 1mV 28kHz  
NUPICO-107 10^7 <1mV 90kHz  
NUPICO-106 10^6 <1mV 300kHz  
NUPICO-105 10^5 <1mV 900kHz  
NUPICO-104 10^4 0.5mV 3MHz  

All models feature output from 0 to 5Volt, with 1mm diameter InGaAs detector. Universal wall plug.

Test results for NUPICO-108


20% discount on all items if order >1 item

PFUNG Features
  • Function generator that could generate saw-tooth to triangle waveforms
  • Synchronyzed square waves for triggering
  • Frequency varies from 0.01Hz to 1MHz 
  • Amplitude could be adjusted from 0 to + and - 18Volt 
  • Function generator could be turned on and off with external TTL logic
  • Assembled PCB only, need external power supply
  • Ramp PZT or current forwavelength scanning
  • Generate frequency jitter to smooth ICOS signal
  • Many many more
PWL Wavelength locker that stablizes and lock wavelength to an inline etalon,locking wavelength adjustable. $2,800.00
PWTLD Laser diode driver and TEC control, current adjustable from 0~100mA to 0~5Amps and TEC control that has 3Amp drive capability. Bandwidth up to 1MHz at 5Amp output $488.00