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TP-1A FHG and TP-2000B FHG

 April 24, 2000 (Chatsworth, CA)

U-Oplaz Technologies, Inc. is annoucing the finalized design of the fourth harmonic generator for the TP-1B triplers. 
The new product has the model number --- TP-1B FHG. Now, U-Oplaz Technologies, Inc. can offer a complete line of harmonic generators for all kinds of ultra-fast laser sources. This will provides complete wavelength coverage from below 200nm to 500nm for both oscillator and amplifier ultra-fast Ti:Sapphire lasers. 
Ti:S lasers SHG THG FHG
TP-2000B SHG 
Amplifiers TP-1A SHG TP-1A TP-1A FHG
The TP-1B-FHG has been tested under the following conditions: 
Input beam: Pulse width: ~70 fs (bandwidth=13 nm), 
Power: ~800 mW at 800 nm; 
The TP-2000B-tripler produced 80 mW third harmonic beam (10%) and the remaining fundamental beam was 300 mW; then these two beams were delivered to the TP-1B-FHG. We obtained 2.0 mW 4th harmonic beam from the TP-1B-FHG. The efficiency is about 2.5% from 3rd harmonic to 4th harmonic. 
TP-2000B FHG
Tuning range 200nm±9nm(1) 200nm±9nm(1)
Conversion Efficiency 2mW with 800mW input @ 800nm, 80MHz typ. Rep. rate >1.5% with 1W input at 800nm, 1kHz typ. Rep. rate
Note: 1. Tuning range:, wider range can be covered with extra optics set.
Tuning range: ~15nm centered at 198nm, wider range can be covered with extra optics set. Efficiency: 2mW with 800mW input at 800nm