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Palm-size tripler, TP-2000B

 April 24, 2000, Chatsworth, CA

U-Oplaz Technologies, Inc. is annoucing the finalized design of the TP-2000B palm-sized tripler.
The TP-2000B takes full advantage of the TimePlate patented technology. The TimePlate allows for temporal and spatial overlap in the smallest space possible, therefore U-Oplaz could design the ever-smaller Palm-size TimePlate tripler (see the layout below). The TP-2000B could be used as a tripler for both ps and fs laser sources with a tunability from 680nm to 1000nm.
U-Oplaz Technologies, Inc. now offer a complete line of ultra-fast laser harmonic generators based on the patented TimePlate technology.
U-Oplaz Technologies, Inc. is the world pioneer and leader in nonlinear optical conversion based on non-linear optical crystals. The products include TimePlate harmonic generators, OPOs and high power Harmonic Generators. U-Oplaz also is the world class supplier of fiber-optics, crystals and optics.