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Photo-acoustic Cell

 OPOs have extended the laser radiation from visible to the Infra-Red, and have opened a new area for spectroscopists, and the demand to accurately calibrate laser wavelength/bandwidth in the IR is high. 

Based on photo-acoustic signal, photo-acoustic cells provide a simple and reliable way to calibrate laser wavelength/bandwidth in the IR. U-Oplaz is pleased to introduce our Photo-acoustic Cell. 
This photo-acoustic cell comes with a gas volume of 12ml, equipped with stainless valve for the control of gas flow and standard 1/4” Tube connectors. The two windows are made of UV grade fused silica and Sapphire respectively. This allow the users to calibrate wavelengths from 200 nm to 5 mm, without having to change the optics. A micro-speakerphone which is most sensitive to sound at the photo-acoustic frequency is used to give maximum signal to noise ratio. The cell body is composed of a nickel-coated aluminum, allow you to use a variety of gases with this cell. Measurements can be performed from 2 atmospheric pressures to a few milli-torr. Pre-amplified signal output is in a standard BNC connector, could be directly connect to the Oscilloscope. 


Cell Volume Windows Pressure Gas Fittings
12 ml Sapphire & UV Fused Silica 10-3 - 2000Torr 1/4” Tube fitting

Physical Layout:


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