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BBO-3B I OPO is the most affordable and the most efficienct OPO in the market -- up to 65% efficiency. Its simple design also lends to its reliability. 



Specification Value Comments
Tuning Range 410 nm to 2500 nm pumped @ 355 nm, single optics set
Nd:YAG pump 1requirement <20 MW/cmlasing threshold 2 smooth profile (gaussian or flat top)
Output pulse energy see power spectrum efficiency depends on total pump energy
Bandwidth see bandwidth spectrum nominal value, depends on pump source
Pulse width 1-2 ns shorter than pump pulse depends on actual pump pulse length
Beam diameter 3 2-7 mm  depends on input pump size

*All specifications are subject to change without notice. 

1 BBO-3B has been tested and proven to work well with most existing ns pulsed Nd:YAG lasers that have a Gaussion output coupling mirror. These systems include all the GCR models from Spectra-Physics, PowerLite series from Continuum and many others, even non TEM00 mode pump sources.

2 Lasing threshold depends on the model of the BBO-3B I. We offer three models for BBO-3B I. Model HE is the High Efficiency model whose lasing threhsold is below 20 MW/cm2. Model S is the Standard model whose lasing threhsold is below 30 MW/cm2,r –¾’©11, and has a smaller beam divergence. Model R is the Ring cavity model, whose lasing threshold is also below 30 MW/cm2, and has the highest damage threshold. 

3 Beam diameter depends on input pump beam size. The value given in the table are measured right after the output coupler of the OPO cavity. 

Undisplayed Graphicarrow-LEFT.gif (205 bytes)Power spectrum of BBO-3B I model HE, pump beam diameter 5.5 mm, total pump energy 135 mJ. (Pump laser is a GCR-16 Nd:YAG laser from Spectra-Physics, 355 nm pump pulse length 7-8 ns). 




Undisplayed GraphicBandwidth spectrum of BBO-3B I model HEarrow.gif (208 bytes) with the same pump specification as the chart above. The pump laser is also operating on a single longitudinal mode. Nd:YAG pump lasers without a seeder will see a 50% to 100% increase in bandwidth across the tuning range. 

Physical Layout(model HE and model S)

All dimensions in inch(mm) 

Other Broadband OPOs, OPO Doublers & Accessories

With other high quality NLO crystals, we also offer the BBO-2B and KTP-2B which are pumped at 532 nm. They could extend the spectrum out to 4 mm. Our OPO Doublers will cover the spectrum from 210 nm to 420 nm, and with our special designs it could reach a doubling efficiency of 45% -- the highest efficiency in the market. 


BBO-3B I could be upgraded conveniently in two ways -- model HE and model S could be upgraded to BBO-3B II; model R could be upgraded to Dye Laser Seeded or Diode Laser Seeded OPOs.