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Undisplayed GraphicBased on the patented ring cavity used in BBO-3D, our diode laser seeded OPO allows one to seed the ring cavity without active control of the cavity length, thus significantly improving the stability of the system. In our standard model, we offer you a complete system which includes the tunable diode laser and the OPO cavity. With available diodes in the market right now, this OPO covers 650nm to 2200nm when pumped by the second harmonics from a seeded Nd:YAG source. 


Specification Value Comments
Nd:YAG pump requirement1 <30 MW/cm2 lasing threshold single frequency, smooth profile (gaussian or flat top)
Output pulse energy see power spectrum efficiency depend on total pump energy
Bandwidth down to 0.01 cm-1 close to transform limited resolution
Seed laser requirepment >1mW CW source single mode diode laser or CW dye laser
Long term stability same as seed source  the most stable OPOs in the market
*All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Optical layout: 

Power Spectrum (pumped by 115mJ at 355nm):