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 By adding an etalon inside BBO-3B II OPO device, the BBO-3B II Et gives an easy approach to get high resolution out of an OPO system. The insertion of the etalon model is very straight forward and the whole spectral range of the BBO-3B II OPO could be covered by 5 sets of etalons. Two resolution options are offered. 


Specification Value Comments
Tuning Range 420 nm ~ 580 nm, 
900 nm ~ 2200 nm
pumped @ 355 nm
Nd:YAG pump requirement >100mJ @ 355nm, narrow bandwidth, SLM preferred  smooth profile (gaussian or flat top)
Bandwidth 0.2cm-1 or 0.01cm-1, depends on choice of etalon we offer 0.2cm-1 and 0.01cm-1as two options
Pulse width 2 ns shorter than pump pulse depends on actual pump pulse length
Beam diameter 2-5 mm  depends on input pump beam size
*All specifications are subject to change without notice. 
1. For your specific pump laser, please consult with U-Oplaz for suitability for pumping BBO-3B II Et. 
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Physical Layout: 

Same as BBO-3B II, could be upgraded from BBO-3B II by adding the modularized tuning block for BBO-3B Et. 

$ PRICE LIST $                           --value, performance and peace of mind

When you think about purchasing an OPO, you also have to think about the maintenance. At U-Oplaz, we give you peace of mind when you purchase U-Oplaz OPO products -- we offer you one year free service on repolishing and recoating of NLO crystals. 

List Price (US only)

(Broadband OPOs based on other NLO crystals will be close to this price, call for pricing )
  • On-site installation +$2,000 
  • Computer control +$4,000 
  • Realtime wavelength calibration option, user friendly +$4,000 
(Customized Dye Laser Seeded OPOs based on other NLO crystals will be close to this price, call for pricing) 
(Diode Laser Seeded OPOs based on other NLO crystals (KTP and KNbO3) will be close to this price, call for pricing) 
(Eye-safe OPO based on KTP delivers >10mJ/pulse at hi-repetition rate, 
wavelength option: 1.54mm or 1.61mm) 

Useful accessories:

Computer control option +$5,000 
For other frequency conversion systems covering VUV to IR, call for pricing 

Affordable Parts/Service:

Replace/Trade in crystals, a 25% discount below our normal quote price 
Repolishing and recoating, first year free, and $350 for each time afterwards