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 Based on our patented ring cavity, we  now introduce the Customized Dye Laser Seeded OPO. Designed to work with many existing dye lasers, this system is the most affordable, high resolution OPO system in the market. You will be satisfied by its un-matched reliability and performance. The unique design gives the OPO automatic walk-off compensation, high damage threshold and easy alignment. 


Specification Value Comments
Tuning Range 410nm to 2500nm pumped @ 355nm, single optics set
Nd:YAG pump requirement1 <30 MW/cmlasing threshold single frequency, smooth profile (gaussian or flat top)
Output pulse energy see power spectrum efficiency depends on total pump energy
Bandwidth same as dye oscillator depends on customized dye oscillator
Dye Oscillator Requirement >1 mJ/pulse  dye oscillator could be pumped at either 355nm or 532nm
Pulse width 1-2 ns shorter than pump pulse depends on actual pump pulse length
Long term stability same as dye oscillator more reliable than crystal oscillators
Undisplayed Graphic*All specifications are subject to change without notice. 

Physical Layout (oscillator only, also for BBO-3B model R) 

All dimensions in inch(mm)
We provide on-site installation, in which we incoporate the oscillator with Power spectrum of BBO-3D, also BBO-3B model R and your dye laser pumped by 115mJ at 355nm