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 By using a type II BBO crystal instead of a type I BBO crystal, the BBO-3B II gives a consistently narrow bandwidth over the same tuning range as the BBO-3B I while maintaining the simple design of the BBO-3B I and high efficiency. The efficiency for doubling the narrow band-width output of this OPO is as high as 45%. 

Specification Value Comments
Tuning Range 410 nm to 2400 nm pumped @ 355 nm, single optics set
Nd:YAG pump requirement <80 MW/cmlasing threshold smooth profile (gaussian or flat top)
Output pulse energy see power spectrum efficiency depends on pump energy
Bandwidth < 6 cm-1 maximum bandwidth
Pulse width 1-2 ns shorter than pump pulse depends on actual pump pulse length
Beam diameter 2-5 mm  depends on input pump size
*All specifications are subject to change without notice.
1 Bandwidth depends on pump intensity, beam size, divergence and pump bandwidth. For single frequency pump sources the maximum bandwidth ranges from sub-cm-1 to below 2 cm-1, e.g. from 1500nm to 2200nm BBO-3B II gives <1 cm-1 resolution. 
Undisplayed Graphic
Photoacoustic spectrum of ammonia taken with the BBO-3B II with 5mJ energy in the 1.9mm region. 
Undisplayed GraphicPower Spectrum of the BBO-3B II, pumped byarrow.gif (208 bytes) 145mJ at 355nm. The pump laser is a Spectra-Physics GCR-16 Nd:YAG laser operating in single frequency mode. SHG covering 208nm to 415nm is achieved with three BBO crystals.  
Physical Layout
Same as BBO-3B I, could be upgraded from BBO-3B I by changing the modularized tuning block.